Our Mission

To introduce unique flavors and recipes using fresh and local ingredients and seafood. Our Bisque "Blanco gumbo" is a cream-based "gumbo" full of crawfish tails, fresh shrimp, crab meat and snow crab made fresh every day and sure to leave you wanting more! Quality and Customer service are top priority!

  • Seafood Bisque

    Our cream based seafood gumbo "BISQUE" is made with the finest selection of fresh seafood, including succulent shrimp, tender crab meat, and sweet corn. The creaminess of this bisque offers a luxurious texture and irresistible depth and heat. Served piping hot with a garnish of fresh herbs and a side of warm crusty honey buttered biscuits, it's a culinary experience that will leave you longing for more!

  • Add Ons

    Enjoy deep-fried salmon bites, fried-shrimp, or fried lobster tail, seasoned to perfection and served with our *BISQUE sauce.

    *Bisque sauce is a sweet Tai butter dipping sauce made in house!

  • Honey-Buttered Biscuits

    Handcrafted with care and using only the finest ingredients, our biscuits are lovingly infused with golden honey and rich, creamy butter to create a delectable treat that melts in your mouth. Perfectly golden brown on the outside, yet irresistibly fluffy on the inside, each biscuit is a testament to our commitment to quality and flavor.